sewer line cameraA sewer line camera is now a powerful tool in the plumbing industry. We understand the value it offers our customers.

That is why we have invested in a sewer line camera to better meet our customer’s needs. Most homeowner’s do not understand that the sewer line buried underground on their property is their responsibility should it crack, break or no longer provide the service it’s intended to provide. As your home gets older, so does this sewer line. Your “sewer line” refers a pipe carrying water with human waste at atmospheric pressure.

Leaks and breaks are commonly caused by aging, corrosion, extreme temperatures, or settling or shifting of the ground. If this line fails, repair or replacement could cost thousands of dollars and most homeowners insurance policies or home warranty companies do not cover repairs. So, in these cases, we use our sewer line camera to inspect your sewer line. Here are some advantages:

Sewer Line Camera Inspection

It all starts with a sewer line inspection. An inspection allows our technicians to identify current or potential problems in your sewer line. Real time video image transmission allows our technicians to determine the condition of the inside of the pipe and understand any existing or potential problems. The images can also be saved for a permanent record. For example, you might not have a problem right now; but if and when you do, we  have a record that enables us to quickly identify the problem the next time.

Value of a Sewer Line Camera Inspection

Here’s the value to you. Let’s say we identify a potential problem in your sewer line. For example, the ground has shifted and perhaps we have signs of aging. Yet, you may not have a break or major problem for another five years. This gives you ample time to perhaps find an inexpensive insurance solution to your problem. On the other hand, if your line is corroded or obstructed with sludge, dirt or other debris, we might be able to clean it with our sewer line jetter.

sewer line digHere’s another major advantage of a sewer line camera inspection. We can often avoid or minimize the “dig.”  The dig is an expensive and labor intensive process. Obviously, its much less expensive to the homeowner is we can clean the sewer line with out jetter.

Or perhaps we don’t have to completely replace the entire sewer line. With our inspection, we might be able to determine if the problem is localized. In that case, we can minimize damage to your property and simply replace a section of your sewer line.

In summary, we have added a sewer line camera to our plumbing services. With our camera we can better serve our customer’s needs. The sewer system is something most homeowners don’t think about until there’s a problem. With a sewer line camera inspection we can help our customers avoid much higher costs. While this article focused on residual homeowners, this service is also available to our commercial and municipal customers.

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