ductless mini-split HVAC in Waldorf MarylandThere are some amazing alternative heating and air conditioning systems available today. The purpose of this article is to describe how a ductless mini-split system might be the type of heating and air conditioning system that helps you create additional comfort, convenience in your home or office while saving valuable dollars in energy costs

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. But a video is worth a thousand pictures. Please watch this short video. It provides a fantastic overview on a ductless mini-split system.

Personal Experience on Convenience and Cost Savings

I can recall when my parents decided to install a central air conditioning system in our small home back in the 1970’s. They needed to install all new ductwork to support the system. That’s an expensive project to add to an existing home. It was a huge project and cost a ton of money. I’m extremely thankful to them for providing this added level of comfort to our growing family, but one of these mini-split heating and air conditioning systems would have provided a much better alternative… both in space and cost.

Personal Experience on Lousy Ductwork

Let’s say you’d like to have air conditioning but your home or new room lacks the necessary ductwork. Or maybe you have a room that’s a little too hot or too cold and you’d like to make it more comfortable. Perhaps you own a business that has supplemental heating or cooling needs. Here’s my personal experience. I’ve had my home for 16 years. I have four bedrooms on my second floor. My master bedroom cools well. I have a middle bedroom for one of daughters that does OK. But, my existing central air conditioning does an extremely poor job of cooling my other two rooms. One of these rooms, occupied by another of my daughters faces the daily sun. It’s in the front of my house facing east. I paid a lot of money to install wooden blinds to keep out the sun… still, this room just does not cool. I have a another small bedroom on the other side of the side of the house. This room doesn’t get the hot sun. This is my business office. I purchased a window air conditioner for this room. I live in a neighborhood governed by “home owner’s association” rules. They dictate we can’t use window air conditioners. It’s in the back of my house, so my home owner’s association doesn’t bother me. But, I’ve chosen not to test their rules by installing a window unit in the front of my house in my daughter’s room in the front of the house.

I’ve had my ductwork checked several times by experienced Waldorf HVAC contractors. Cool air just does not reach these two rooms. There might be leaks in the ductwork that is just too costly to explore. Heck, I don’t want a contractor to tear down my walls  to find leaks in my ductwork. And, I realize that my heating and air conditioning system was done by contractors 16 years ago that just wanted to fulfill their contracts. They didn’t know me and I didn’t have the time, inclination or knowledge to spend time with them.

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