whole-house-water-filter-exampleThe purpose of this article is to briefly describe just some of the benefits, health comforts and security a whole house water filter might provide you and your family.

Water is the most frequently used liquid across the globe. We drink it, wash and clean with it and even bathe our bodies. For all these activities, we require clean, safe water. But in an increasingly polluted world, responsible families are looking for ways to have access to really clean, safe water. Is this possible? Yes, it is and the answer is a whole house water filter system.

The need for a water filter and how it works.

The water we use comes from various sources. However, these sources are not as hygienic or user friendly as they appear. There are different types of contaminants – from minerals in nature to man made chemicals. Chlorine is most often used to neutralize toxins in tap water. But exposure to chlorine over the long term can cause health issues in humans.

Factors to consider before choosing a whole house water filter:

Safe guarding the health of your family is paramount for most people. For this reason, there are a variety of whole house water filters to meet your specific needs. Before arriving at your preferred water filter choice, the following should be considered:

• Types of contaminants in the water. This will determine the type of filter to be used. Different contaminants require specific filters to effectively combat the adverse effects.

• The amount of water to be purified. Large scale water purification require a different type of filter system as opposed to small scale purification.

 Types of whole house water filters:

There are two main types of whole house water filters:

• Heavy duty filtration system.

This is a water system intended for large scale purification. The filter media is placed in a 50 meter tall tank that supplies water to the rest of the house. The system works effectively for 5-10 years after which replacement of the filter media is required.

• Standard capacity water cartridges

This is a smaller, more affordable water purification system. In this system, the filter cartridge is placed in the main water system to purify the water before it is dispatched to the rest of the house. Though cheaper, this system requires more maintenance.

 Benefits of using a whole house water filter:

• The main benefit of a whole house water filter is that it keeps you safe wherever you come into contact with water in your house. This combines convenience and safety and is the way to go for health conscious consumers.

• Many people notice that chlorine filtered water produces softer and smoother skin and hair.

• Using a whole house water filtration system also increases the lifespan of electrical appliances that use water.

A good effective whole house water filter is the most convenient and comprehensive way to attain clean and safe water for your household. Ensure you frequently maintain your purification system for effective results.

If you feel that a whole house water filtration system can benefit your family, we recommend you do your due diligence and research. Here’s an article we highly recommend to get you started published on www.allaboutwater.org titled: 10 Benefits of Using a Whole House Water Filter. If you have questions, we can offer assistance. Just call our office and speak to our staff. They are willing and able to help you make the right decision to meet your particular needs.