sewer line jetting cameraThis is the third in our series of three articles on sewer line jetting. In this article, we will describe how sewer line jetting is enhanced by cameras. We will also make some recommendations on why and when you might need a video inspection.

Sewer jetting is a pipe cleaning process that uses pressurized water to remove blockages from sewer pipe systems. At the right pressure, water can dissolve blockages, cut roots and emulsify grease. It also washes away all of the debris in your pipe leaving it looking virtually brand new. In fact, with the exclusion of a collapsed pipe, it can handle almost any blockage issue. Plus, if you continue to maintain your pipe systems regularly, it will help prevent future problems that could result in extensive damage to your property and expensive repairs.

Before a sewer line jetting service is performed, it is recommended that the plumbing professional use a sewer line jetting camera to help quickly and accurately assess the situation. But, what does this camera really do? Keep reading for more information.

Sewer Line Jetting Camera: Description

A sewer line jetting camera is one of the most important pieces of equipment that a plumber has in his or her toolbox. These waterproof cameras are waterproof and help plumbers identify the obstructions and/or damage that are preventing proper drain flow. They can also detect what may be creating repeated or occasional backups.

How Does a Sewer Line Jetting Camera Work?

This device is essentially a flexible fiber optic cable with a high-resolution camera on the end. The flexible cable helps the camera move through the pipes easily. The camera provides a real-time video image transmission that helps the technician pinpoint the specific problem. It also gives him or her an accurate picture of the condition of the pipe’s interior. Sewer line jetting cameras also have radio transmitters that provide a record of the physical location and the depth of the obstruction.

Why Should You Get a Video Inspection?

The simplest explanation of why video inspections are important is that there’s no guesswork involved. It gives the technician the accurate information needed to solve your plumbing problems quickly. But, this camera is also important because, removing an obstruction doesn’t mean that you’ve identified its cause. That is to say, cleaning your sewer line system may remove the immediate cause of a blockage, but this may only be symptom management.

Video line inspections save you time and money by helping plumbers visually identify and located problem areas quickly. They help technicians troubleshoot the real cause of:

  • Built-up debris
  • Grease accumulations
  • Broken pipe(s)
  • Root infestations
  • Drainage and sewer problems

When Should I Get a Video Inspection?

A video inspection is necessary if you are constantly dealing with clogs, slow drains, and/or drain line backups. Other times to get an inspection performed include:

  • After the sewer line jetting service is completed: This will provide you with the peace of mind that your sewer line has been thoroughly cleaned.
  • Before you buy your new home: This will make sure that the sewer lines are problems free so you won’t have to deal with any expensive repairs and other headaches after you move in.


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