air conditioning tune-upThis article and video will describe why it’s so important to have an air conditioning system check NOW.

It will also describe the types of air conditioning maintenance and system checks that are included in our air conditioning service.

Please See Disclaimer on Bottom of this Post.

Air Conditioning System Check: Why it’s Important!

It’s the perfect time of year! We’ve been blessed with cool temperatures, but summer is quickly approaching. Most people don’t think about their air conditioner until something bad happens. In the worst case, it simply doesn’t start. Or, you hear the motor and fan running, but the unit is blowing warm air. You’re frustrated. You’re spending money for no return, and your family is uncomfortable and probably complaining.  Regardless of  the type of system break down, an air conditioning system check will get your system operating at peak proficiency. Not only does this ensure that your home is cooling properly, you are saving on you energy bills, and you have a happy family.

Furthermore. it protects you from the huge burdensome costs of replacing your entire system. Don’t be fooled by all these recent cool days when you can simply open the windows, use some window fans, breathe fresh air and be blessed by low energy costs. There will be a time, soon, that you are going to need your air conditioner to pump in cool air and keep your family cool in the pending hot summer months.

Please enjoy this short video! It will describe why an air conditioning system check is so important and cover the various services that will be performed to ensure that your cooling system is operation at peak proficiency.


Air Conditioning System Check: Services Performed

In our video, we explained all the detailed inspections and services our techs perform both inside and outside your home that are necessary to bring your air conditioning system to peak performance. These service checks are included in our air conditioning system check inspection. This is a basic preventative maintenance check-up and should be done every year. More importantly, it should be done now! …Before the outside Summer temperatures hit the high 90’s!

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DISCLAIMER: Please accept our apologies! There’s been some confusion with a few people calling in to get their air conditioning systems checked at this time of year. Our video calls this service a Tune-Up and naturally our customers have certain expectations. We are working to edit this video. This reduced priced service and coupon is actually an Air Conditioning System Check. If there is any confusion, please call our office and we will be more than happy to explain the difference. We fully want to meet the expectations of all our customers in our continuing attempt to provide top-notch high quality service.