The purpose of this article is to briefly explain the components of well repair.

If you run your home or business off a well, a lack of pressure needs to be repaired immediately to ensure you can live comfortably in the home. On the other hand,
a garden or field dependent on an irrigation well with a pump that has no pressure will quickly dry out. The failure of one of several components of your system
on a pump can cause it to lose pressure.

Often the problem is the submersible pump itself, a pipe or the pressure switch. By testing the three components of a well water system, you can determine what has to be replaced or what needs a tune-up.

Well System Components:

1. Submersible Pump
2. Well Pipe
3. Pressure Switch


1. Well Repair: Submersible Pump

well repair

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Your well pump supplies your house with water from under the ground. Not only does a well pump have to get water into your home, but it also has to maintain the water pressure at a reasonable level. Your pump pulls water from the well and keeps it inside a pressurized storage tank that releases water when a faucet requests it. If you notice your pump running continuously or not running at all, it could mean that you must replace the pump or one of its parts.

Our experienced plumbers use the Upsy Daisy well pump puller to quickly and efficiently pull and replace you submersible pump!

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2. Well Repair: Well Pipe

If the draw pipe or a delivery pipe from your well has burst, all the water may be running out of the pipe before it reaches its destination. Listen at the
well for the sound of running water. If you hear water splashing into the well below, there may be a burst pipe before it reaches the surface of the well.
If you disconnect the output pipe from the pump and attach a short pipe or hose to it and water pumps out but you have no pressure in the house or garden,
then a rupture along the pipe is the likeliest problem.


3.Well Repair: Pressure Switch

pressure switchPressure switches sit in-line between the well pump and the air bladder tank. The switch tells the pump to kick on at a preset pressure level. A pressure switch
that malfunctions may cause the entire system to go down and quit delivering water. Another symptom may include the continual cycling of the well pump on and off.
Add a pressure gauge to your piping near the pressure switch to make it easy to verify the presence of pressure in the system and check other elements of the system first to narrow down the problem.


In summary, often the problem is the submersible pump itself, a well pipe or the pressure switch. By testing the three parts of a well water system, you can determine what has to be replaced or what simply needs a tune-up. Don’t wait until you turn on the faucet and nothing happens. We have described some of the common symptoms to help you identify if and when you need professional assistance.

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