water powered sump pumpA water powered sump pump back-up offers you a low cost solution to basement flooding problems. A water powered sump is commonly used to supplement a primary, electric powered sump pump in your home. This article describes its many advantages.

It’s that time of year in Southern Maryland. Spring is coming and that means the frozen ground supporting our homes is going to thaw. And, when it thaws, that frozen water is going to become drain water. Depending on your home construction and drainage, a lot of that water is going to drain below your home and cause additional pressure or workload on your sump pump.

Here’s the problem! A lot of our customers have sump pumps. Obviously, that’s not the problem. The problem is that their primary sump pump works on electricity. So, without electricity, their sump pump simply fails to do that critical job of protecting their home against damaging water . Consequently, when their electricity stops, which is rather common during a major storm, their sump pump stops working and water just pours into their finished or unfinished basements.

This is when the hassle really begins. You can pump out or soak up the water yourself if you have the right equipment. You can file insurance claims and potentially face higher insurance costs. And, you can miss work to handle your misfortune that you could have avoided.

We have found a great way to solve these problems that our customers face in Southern Maryland and do it at a comparatively lost cost to other solutions.

If you already rely on a sump pump to protect your home against water damage, then consider installing a backup. There are two types of back up sump pumps; battery and water powered. Battery backup pumps require annual maintenance and have a limited battery capacity. And, if the water is persistent enough, the battery will eventually die. By the time you re-charge it, you could have a serious basement flood. On the other hand, a water powered sump pump will operate for as long as they need, provided you simply maintain your connection with your municipal water supply.

We highly recommend you consider a water powered back up pump. They do not require maintenance or a power source. All they need is a municipal water connection. However, they do not work well with wells. So, if you have a well and do not use municipal water, a water powered sump pump is probably not your best choice. If that’s the case, you are probably better off using a battery back-up sump pump. Water powered sump pumps are only used as an emergency to back up to your existing electric powered sump pump. And, they do not use any water except in an emergency. Water powered backup pumps are much simpler than battery powered backup pumps, and since they require essentially no maintenance, there is less to go wrong.

Watch this short video to learn how a water powered sump pump works:


7 Advantages of a Water Powered Sump Pump Back Up:

1. Takes over seamlessly when your primary sump system fails.

2. No electricity required.

3. Works during power failures

4. No battery to charge.

5. On guard 24 hours a day

6. Helps eliminate flooding in basements

7. Can be used with any existing brand of sump pump

So, if your home is threatened by water, now’s the perfect time to call us for help in shoring up your defenses with new or replacement sump pumps, expertly installed and repaired by the our plumbing professionals. In particular, a water powered sump pump provides an easy, cost-effective, no hassle and worry free back-up solution.

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