Garbage, or food waste disposal from above

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Today’s newest garbage disposals offer super efficiency both in design and materials.  Plus, garbage disposals are one of the most commonly replaced home plumbing appliances.  

Therefore, it’s important that you learn enough about your plumbing product to enable you to make an educated decision on the garbage disposal that is right for you.

Here is great video with Plumbing and Heating Expert Richard Trethewey (This Old House) that explains this newer technology in greater detail.



New Garbage Disposal technology


Here are four major points covered in this video:
  1. The newest garbage disposals are super quiet using very powerful motors. These units use thick foam insulation and dampening devices to reduce noise levels. Plus, the motor fits into an insulated housing which further reduces noise.
  1. These newer units are made of stainless and carbon steel.  The rotors are shrink fitted onto the drive shaft for more efficient power transfer.
  1. These new disposals are fitted with the latest designed shredder plates and rings that produce super fine grindings to significantly reduce plumbing clogs.
  1. Quality control is a priority.  Disposals are randomly taken off the assembly line and tested; and each new unit must grind up six pounds of wooden blocks and 35 pounds of frozen beef bones! Wow!
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