Air conditioner maintenance is important. While maintenance can be as simple as replacing the filter every three months, it is sometimes very complicated

air conditioner maintenanceThe purpose of this article is to share an excellent and very timely article on cleaning and maintenance of air conditioning units. According to its author, air conditioner maintenance involves a lot of steps, which is why many homeowners choose to hire professionals. Dirty and clogged filters need to be replaced or cleaned since they block normal airflow and significantly reduce the unit’s efficiency. Cleaning or replacing the filter can reduce the unit’s energy consumption by up to 15%.

This article also talks about other components like evaporator and condenser coils which collect dirt, even with clean filters. This causes a decrease in airflow and will also insulate the coil, minimizing its ability to absorb heat. Other parts of the air conditioning unit that need maintenance include coil fins, condensate drains and window seals.

With the summer months coming up, HRC Climate Services encourages air conditioner maintenance to insure optimum cooling performance. Utah air conditioning services. ( — June 13, 2016) Spanish Fork , Utah

HRC Climate Services is encouraging homeowners to have their air conditioners checked and maintained now that the warmer months are here. Maintenance on air conditioners is extremely advantageous to homeowners because of the benefits it can offer, especially in the summer. Unless it is brand new, an air conditioner may not be running as efficiently as it is supposed to. Air conditioning units require regular maintenance, and if not maintained, may work less efficiently with time. They may not cool a room as they used to, giving homeowners an uncomfortably hot home during the summer. When they can no longer cool a room with the original amount of energy it used to require, they will work harder to achieve their usual standard. This results in utilizing more energy and can cause a higher utility bill. Even as energy usage increases, the unit will not be able to cool a room the way it used to. Cleaning and maintenance on air conditioning units involve a lot of […]

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