Do you live in a neighborhood with housing restrictions that prohibit window air conditioners? Or maybe you’re looking for something a little more efficient and powerful than a window air unit but you are not interested in splurging on a whole home air conditioner?

A ductless mini-split heating and air conditioning system is a perfect solution. This is a good option if a window air conditioner or central air conditioning system is impractical or too expensive. A split air conditioner means just that, an air conditioner with an indoor and an outdoor unit.

No Ducts

indoor mini split unitA ductless mini-split air conditioning system uses compact air handlers to provide cool air. Copper tubing runs through small openings in the wall or ceiling that easily connects the indoor and outdoor units. This is why no ducts are needed for this type of system. Air handlers are mounted on a ceiling or a wall. The creation of moisture is eliminated as insulated hoses prevent conditions where moisture can occur.

Energy Efficiency

The lack of ducts for a ductless mini-split heating and air conditioning system means less cool air is lost. If a typical air conditioning system is used, then up to 30 percent cooling loss occurs. The efficiency that is provided by this air conditioning system will help to lower monthly electric bills. Many models used in a home are Energy Star qualified. Many units have increased efficiency of about 27.2 SEER. This is a basic standard known as Standard Seasonal Efficiency Ratio. A higher SEER rating means the unit will be more efficient.

Zone Control Lowers Energy Costs

The ability to set specific zones to heat or cool will result in better performance and lower energy costs per year. Air will be sent to certain areas and not to rooms that are unused. This means that a standard home with a second floor can have a separate zone that does not need to be cooled or heated.

The refrigerant used in a ductless mini-split air conditioning system is R410A. This means that there is no harm to the environment and no contribution to further ozone layer depletion.

Improves Home Safety

window mounted air conditionerHomes without central air conditioner will typically have window units installed. These are often not a good option for home security. The air handlers of a ductless mini-split system are mounted away from windows and virtually eliminate the chance of an intruder to enter a home.

In some cases, there are homes with inefficient central air conditioning and faulty ductwork that causes poor air flow to some rooms. In this case, homeowners have to install unsightly window mounted air conditioners to cool these rooms. Just compare this appearance to the indoor unit above!

Like mentioned before, units that are installed in a home will have two parts. One part is the outside unit and the other part is a series of air handlers that are installed inside. This two-part system means that louder components used for the system are located outside.

Easy Installation

The installation of a ductless mini-split system require drilling a small hole in an exterior wall. This is all that is needed to connect the inside unit to one or more air handlers inside. The result is a unit that is able to provide comfort in a home throughout the year. Indoor units will have varying sizes and usually means a home may need between two and eight units installed. This all depends on your particular heating and cooling needs.

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